I just got my new pc cuz my other pc died :confused: and i just bought neverlose and when i try to play w it it just says "INVALID HWID " how do i fix that ?
somone pls help me :slight_smile:

maybe… just maybe… open a ticket :0

i did that :smiley:

well then wait for them to respond lmao

Bro Juice on my mom i just got my new pc ! so i really wanna use neverlose bro i havent bought this account !

welp rip your mom

well she is dead bro, so its true! i created this acc bro

how can i prove it to u that this is my acc bro

btw how can i prove it is my account ???

you can’t haha.
Create a ticket and hope for the best

;/ alr

just make a new account u trog