I have No friends lol

Hey does somebody Wanna be friends.:sunglasses:?



so one day I was walking down the street and I saw a female who then proceeded to grab me and sexually abuse me I than went to the police and they said they couldn’t do anything about it after that I was in disbelief I had no one to go to I was so lonely all I could think about was that moment. Every time I tried to sleep I would see them in my dreams it was a repeating loop nothing could help so I ended up hiring a therapist for 25$ and then I had to wait a week I then went and visited them and after a month of sessions they told me the reason this all happened and the reason was a config issue that’s right a config issue so now I’m devastated because it all took a month so now my NL sub ran out and my last 25$ in my bank account was wasted on the therapist so I am here requesting a sub thanks and till this day I’m still haunted by that day.

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No thank you.

What bro? Im just trying to be friendly