I was scammed by Diego Chapuis from telegram for 27 dollars

Hi, my name is Nestor Miranda from Colombia. I’m 22 years old and I was scammed recently by a member of Neverlose here. He contacted me via telegram and he scammed me for 27 dollars today at 9:14 p.m.

I would like to solve this please or have his account blocked since he tried to hack my gmail and stole my paypal account his name on telegram is diego chapuis

He made me go through a lot of difficulties, deceiving me saying that he was the seller of the official trick, he asked me for information on everything and in the end today, 1 hour ago, I blocked myself from all sides, I want to demand a solution to this, I want that subject to be banned for life from this site, I do not want That no one else should happen to what happened to me because I was a new person just knowing this trick without very innocently I was deceived by someone very bad in this life I have no more proof to give because he deleted the messages when he blocked me

If they ask me why I was deceived in that way friends with tears in my eyes I answer that I had no knowledge of anything that was about to happen to me

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And this is why you go to the official reseller thread instead of Telegram/Other websites/Etc.


I think you can still dispute you money back


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Always use a reseller from the official reselling area.

Official staff members will never ask for your login information to services like Google or PayPal, never. Remember to enable 2FA on everything you can to avoid being pwned.

You can still dispute the transaction on PayPal, since you’re from Latin America I believe that you didn’t send it using F&F. It is a little bit hard for the Neverlose staff team to ban him from the forums since everything you have is a (probably fake) Telegram name.

you issue. dont buy from random ppl

wow. who would have guessed based on ur previous 200iq questions

seeing those comments really hurts me because I put those comments believing that the scammer would buy me the month of use of neverlose and that’s why I put them excited seeing that again makes me cry

por pendejo eso te paso

all the reason why asshole happened to me

your fault. Just use Official Reseller

i have aids