I'm very upset that my HWID is not given

My HWID has been giving me a lot of pain but I still believe neverlose is the best I like to cheat in a way that never fails

I’m very upset that my HWID is not given

just open fking ticket😒


I give my pc changes to no avail

You need to run the cheat and get a message about an incorrect HWID, after that you should proceed to MAIN–>TICKETS–>click CREATE–>select the HWID RESET option in the first window

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The Hwid Resets And ticket system as a whole are automated, I’ve made over 5 tickets spanning over 5 days, All denied They’ve all been in Detail, I’m 100% Others have had this happen too.

Lmao nvm, my hwid reset just now got accepted wowowowow

when I wrote the ticket for the last time after a complete change of pc, I was approved the ticket after a few hours without questions. and so it is every time

taci in pula mea

All of mine got accepted