Invite in cheat

Dear friends!

Since we left closed beta and people have written a lot of applications even if we did not review any. We decided to create a special CS:GO application where you can fill the form and we’ll review it.
An important note is that applications can only be sent in a strictly established place and only at a strictly decided time. All applications in other places and at other times will ignored or deleted.
So, if you really want to get into our project and you are ready to write your application; you need to send your application via the ticket system on the site by selecting the “Invite request” from the drop down menu. The message language has to be in English or Russian.

The following information must be specified:

  1. Information about yourself:
    zuru, 21, Russia
  2. Your PC specifications:
    i7 4900k, gtx 1080, 16gb, 10, etc.
  3. Social links:
  4. Your experience of playing with other cheats (rage and legit): V3, AW, LW,Nixwar
  5. What do you know about Neverlose: Top cheat in ru community
    How did you find out about our cheat; feq ssilky dal.
  6. What can you provide for our project:
    i’m legendary hvh, what useful skills do you have, etc.
  7. Extra information (Optional):
    Any other information you might think is useful for us to know

Please note that you can write and send your request only via a ticket and only for the specified amount of time. From the moment this news has been published until 18: 21 on April 2, Moscow time(GMT+3). Also, do not worry if your application is denied.
Have a nice weekend!



will i get denied after 18:21?


  1. Egor, 14, Russia 2) i7 4770k, gtx 1050 Ti, 8, 7 3)Jegor Kudinow | VK 4)otc, aurora free, aurora private 4)a good cheat in ru community 5) from YouTube 6)I’m on hvh since the end of 2019

А как скоро проверят тикеты с заявками, и куда ответят?:confused:

You need to send the Application via Ticket.
Be sure to read to whole information.

нихуя не понял , но очень интересно


strong text возможно всё будет гуд

good try, zuru