Invite request

Looking to aid the overall success of this cheat hvh wise and looking for a cheat to focus on helping

I’ve been a test user for zeus (the reis zeus / not russian paste) and onetap. As well as been a contributor to multiple big and notable improvements for those cheats performance in hvh

I have a basic understanding of the games engine as well as how things should work ideally. Also the fact that I have gone through (probably) hundreds of feature analysis and in-depth suggestions with examples with devs from around the community like llama, reis, cid, stacker (lol) and some lesser known devs like vio, inhonia and will, so even though i may not know how to re-write and fix every issue, i certainly know what should and should not happen in the current state of hvh.

Already aware that this forum is currently filled with invite request topics, but after taking a look through them and seeing that 80% are people who can only offer to promote the cheat on their <1000 sub youtube channels and have no contacts with anyone in this community and/or have never even been a beta user for any notable cheat, i decided i could take a shot.

like its just true that u cant get invite if u dont got any customer friends :neutral_face: