Invite - SuicideHvH

Привет Neverlose админы, я запрашиваю приглашение на этот многообещающий csgo чит!
About me:
Name: SuicideHvH
Alias: Sui - SuicideHvH
Discord: SuicideHvH#577
Age: 19
Started hvh in 2017
Cheats I have used!
*ev0lve, gamesense, fatality, rifk7, onetap, aimware, mutiny, gideon, getze

How did you learn about us?
I learned about Neverlose while watching some hvh videos. I saw that hawk was using it and decided to look into it and saw how good of a cheat it is.

Why should you accept me?
You should accept me beacuse I am very knowledgeable about hvh and pc information, I’m also nice in general
I have not the last place on HVH
-I keep the group in contact-800 subs.

I’m really interested to get invited to this cheat or make a sponsorship. I know my sub rate is not too much but i really want to make a fullreview and hvh clip videos from this cheat. If i got an invite i will guarante videos from the cheat. Thank you in advance for your choice.

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vouch,nice dude