Is it worth buying nl?

So I’m new to cs cheating I enjoy hvh I’m pretty new to it. And I also want to legit cheat. Is nl good for hvh and also legit. And is it undetected so I don’t need to worry about getting banned ? As long as I hide the cheat good.

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nl has red trust problem and most prime acc prob gonna be banned in a Vac wave. Hvh is okay for being outdated. my sub ended and im waiting for the new Update

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new update? will never happend
Just try getting a private cheat cuz neverlose is left behind

just cuz its private doesnt make it good no private cheats are good

Skeet is private skeet is the best. I want skeet

Neverlose was private and good . If u think private cheats are bad you are wrong . Use onetap then because the cheat is public

Bro listen to me now it’s not worth buying this bullshit because he’s making you crazy red credit right now

lmao u obv don’t have any private cheats xd

Well i do have Fatality , pandora and primordial ( need to get more soon from my inviter ). And i bet you dont have any private cheats either since u have gray name on neverlose forums lol

those cheats dont even perform good, fatality is just dowright dogshit for me it cant do anything with scout , primordial’s DT shoots client side 70% of the time+ no defensive DT and its roll resolver doesn’t even works plus it goes braindead when it sees a jitter …skeet is just outdated and cant do anything against roll anti aim(pls ignore the retarded roll luas on forums they are shit). Neverlose’s situation is just like skeet minus the few updates like roll anti aim and enemy defensive extrapolation prediction

back from break and its still pretty good

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asked? Don’t think so
Gray name

bro got benchpressed with 2 words and a number he big mad now :woozy_face:
i like it

Out of all the cheats you mentioned primordial is the only semi alright one, fatal is fucking dogshit, pandora is a literal roll+ax hack, without it its pretty fucking bad

then, why weave and rawtrip can instantly hit head neverlose user…?
and why neverlose misses head of weave and rawtrip for the first 3 shots?
does it mean free cheat resolver and AA is better?

i think about 50/50 for sub renewal.

fix cfg. nl isnt that bad thats missing weave and rawtrip only. nice iq bro


i think so… I will renew my NL sub.