Is there a pc combination without fpsdrop in Cs2 nl?

Is there a pc combination without fpsdrop in Cs2 nl?

I usually ran cs2 nl on gaming laptop with i7 11800h cpu and rtx 3070m (gpu for mobile), but using mindmg on maps like angient, nuke, inferno, dust2 causes severe fpsdrops.
Lowering the graphics settings doesn’t make much difference, and the cpu/gpu share isn’t high.
Does Cpu’s single-core performance matter?

Anyway, I’m trying to fit a desktop pc, but is there a cpu or pc configuration where nl’s fpsdrop doesn’t happen much?

Please let me know if there is a pc configuration where Fps drops rarely occur.

Of course, if you use expensive parts, there will be fewer fps drops, but I’m looking for a cost-effective pc that can be used without huge fps drops

Fast fix: lower your multipoint, deactivate/uncheck “feet” from hitboxes and/or multipoint, additionally you can uncheck also the "legs"from multipoint and set “History” to low. You can also test with ragebot hitboxes from visuals ON/OFF to see if is a difference. You can set “-high” in launch options
, idk if it does much but you can try!
Neverlose uses a lot of resources for ragebot and even if you have a ultra performance PC you will still have low fps.

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