Issue after windows reinstall


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smooth? what do you mean? fast? slow?

Go to mouse settings shit and turn of mouse accurate shit or smooth and turn of mouse acceleration

Edit: and in csgo turn on raw input and turn of mouse acceleration there to

Slow, idk how to explain, it just wont move the exact point I move it

I did before, didnt really help :confused:

The only other thing i can think of is update your mouse software and go to the for example razer synapse and change the mouse polling rate to the highest and check if you have the same dpi

Do u use razer if yes use razer synapse and change the frequency if u dont use it try to use mouse acceleratiojn

I use hyperx Pulsefire FPS :///

Have you tried just unplugging your mouse and trying a different usb :slight_smile:

Then download their HyperX NGEUNUITY program or what’s it called and check if everything is normal

Yep, I did, lets try again… This shit is annoying, it happened to me like a year ago to, but i forgot how i fixed that.

I did :DD

Well then idk besides giving your usb and mouse sensor a big suck GL trying to fix it

you can try these things:

  1. Turn off mouse smoothing in the csgo options (and enable “raw input”)
  2. go to the properties of the mouse (in windows) and disable “mouse acceleration” + set it to a higher speed
  3. check in the hyper x software that u dont have a low DPI (like 100) maybe turn it to like 800?

Fixed, thanks for suggestions :wink:
Edit: Some of my drivers were broken, so I reinstalled them :wink:

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Hehe glad that you fixed it, try using Reddit or Google next time as they help a lot also.

you are probably used to slow pc and now your pc probably runs fast and easy thats why u feel the difference, that was for me once i did it

Yeah I agree.