๐Ÿ‘‘ Justin's HvH Configs (Includes LUA/No LUA configs)

Since I have already been sharing my Onetap & Skeet configs for about two years now I will be sharing my Neverlose configs aswell since it is my new main cheat.

This config is setup for no lua scripts, if you want to get my phantom feel free to join my discord. It is my main HvH config I use on a daily base.
It is setup for every weapon & made for an aggresive playstyle.

Every update will be posted here & on my discord

For any kind of questions feel free to add me or join my Discord.

[Discord ID]

[Main HvH Config]

[Discord Server] (for lua Settings)



Best config 10/10

ะฟั€ัะผ ั…ะพั€ะพัˆะธะน?

+rep some of the very best configs for free, check him out :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

+rep best man

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Best configs and its even free hhhh imagine selling cfgs

Nice bro ^^

The Best Conifg Ever <3

is it good for mm hvh?

Thanks guys :pray:
Config updated btw :heart:

update a discord link please

Link is working fine, If it doesnt work for you now please send me a DM on discord.

Config Updated :pray: