Last time the hack was updated?

When was the last update for this hack?

Last update:


  • Fixed crash with some nicknames on custom servers (thanks simv0l!)
  • Some other crash fixes

Thank you, is hack still performing well?

Still performs well for me, there is also an update that is coming soon.

no this hack sucks cock

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hmm, i was performing great last time I used it. Can’t remember how long ago that was though.

who said that it’s updating soon

alpha user vitma

Nah the cheat misses the most retard shots u can imagine. It really needs an update

darth told me personally that an update is currently in development they’re just waiting now for soufiw to finish fixing some ragebot fixes.

happy birthday suck my cock

that would’ve been the case 3 months ago and i can tell you it won’t update soon unless something changes

Why won’t it update soon if according to a developer new stuff has already been added and ragebot fixes are being worked on?

who said the ragebot fixes are being worked on :^)

darth said that soufiw is working on them…

sure whatever, i still don’t think it will update soon

vitma — 19/02/2022

since you ask a lot of questions: neverlose update will be released in at least 2 months, no less, the update is very large, a lot of work has been done and will be done

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this doesn’t mean anything, and yes visuals have changed but this doesn’t mean anything in the ragebot did.