Low fps

Is anyone else experiencing low fps while using the cheat even with no features on ? Like I would like to play legit but my fps goes down to 60 from 200. Most of cheats I used stayed around like 180-150. I havent seen many posts about it so wanted to know if its just me.

yh happens to me (activating rage bot when semiraging in comp) (spawning in sometimes) (rendering 4+ people). Generally in MM my fps is way worse than in servers, but yeh the performance even when its fine still isnt great (about 120 fps for me). Can’t really expect too much more considering its still a early development cheat, I would expect several big performance updates coming in the other updates, give it a few months and it will probably be a lot better.

never happends to me when I hvh but it does tend to happen when I play legit. My fps drops from 200 to like 120.

well it was kinda my issue I seemed to be able to fix my fps so atleast I get 160 it was on my part issue.

I have good fps but it feels laggy for me (in mm legit) have around 150 but feels like close to 60

neverlose is not optimized at all, without inject i have like 120-80 fps, when i inject it drops to 60-20 sometimes

i dont have any fps issues idk

yea i do have similar FPS issues. The optimization of this cheat sucks. I get 100 to 120+ fps more with different cheats. Sometimes it just drops from 120 to 60 and gets reaaaaally choppy for a few seconds. i really notice it when more than 2 people are rendered and i peek into them.

Before any1 says its a pc problem: Its not since im getting wayyyy more fps with other cheats.

U ever saw 8 people directly pushing you?

I have like 3 fps there lmfao but I think that’s normal haha

I actually created a ticket due to this and they said wait for the next update which I hope is soon.