🔥 MAJOR update🔥Only 1.00 NLE🔥Unmatched/Community👑 30+ Customers👑Very nice visuals🔥K/D 3+🥇Best lua setts🥇

All weapons are included for Spread (Auto, AWP, Scout, Deagle/R8).

➢ Passive-Aggressive Playstyle
➢ Clean Visuals overall
➢ 1v1/2v2/5v5 Based config
➢ Updated Very Frequently.

Please Leave Feedback After Purchase :fire:

+rep vex best

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Just pushed an update.

setup and test only on bots? :мышление:

I was showing visuals on bots mate… not configing there.

Just updated!

Bump! 1 more buyer before I end the discount!

Update pushed

This guys free cfg was actually good asf. Def should buy.

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<3 thank you

We have reached 30 customers! Nolonger doing a sale on my config, it will return to standard pricing.


Just updated

MAJOR update released!

Major Update
Full Rework of the Ragebot and Anti-Aim
Ragebot Changes -

Pistols : Basically perfect.

Scout : Much more consistent, NL just needs an update

Awp : Major changes

Auto : Changed alot, now shoots much faster and for higher dmg

Deagle : Full rework, spent abit of time on it

R8 Revolver : Consistently ripping head and doesn’t dump body ever

Zeus : Works well for me… could be shit idk

Anti-Aim changes -

Chernobyl.lua Stable autoloads

Near perfect settings

Added settings from the paid lua “BetterVisuals”, has extras for the menu, and added logs + netgraph. Not needed but adds nice visual touches

Reworked visuals completely

Changes to AA, Auto, Scout, and Pistols
Auto : Fully reworked multipoints, mindmg and hc.

Scout : VERY minor changes to pointscales and 4 new multipoints

Pistols : Changed HC and Mindmg, while also fully redoing hitboxes & multipoints. Dynamic Multipoint scales are also used now

Update pushed to visuals, ragebot, and new AA settings through XO-Yaw

bump, updated.