Making A story game

Game will basically go when someone starts a word and then the people above will complete the the other guy, lets enjoy

My starting word is: An HvH player

all up to u people

note: story ended thanks to the participants for participating in my lovely story (:


Decides to be a virgin forever.

5 black men come along.

and then the black men tell the hvh player to follow them. They go into a room and the lights are turned off.

Then the black men started touching the hvh player inappropriately, He did not enjoy it.

the others quickly removed their clothes and joined in aswell.

The HVH player squealed and wriggled.

and begged for mercy.

Then his mom came in holding a SPAS 10

She Roared a furious roar “That is my wee virgin”

“ALSO GET OUT OF HERE YOU DONT HAVE NEVERLOSE”. The black men feeling ashamed of being nn’s quickly ran away back to the otc hideout.


There Leader kim jong un was waiting 6 months to invite them

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The hvher had neverlose and those nn’s didn’t so the hvher was happy and lived that way forever!


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And in all of the sudden

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insert a michael bay explosion

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it was him kim jong un! He smashed the window and tried to rob the hvher off his neverlose invite and his pocket money that he got to buy subs!

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Again insert a fighting scene here but im too lazy to describe everything in detail so im just writing this very short post to explain why im not going to write out a whole fighting sequence and if you didn’t know already this post is a short post!

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quentin tarantino bloody fight scene with weird twist now inserted.

then an indian made good food

the hvher somehow comes out on top via 1waying and fd’ing kim jong un! Also he’s a gamer so that helps i guess.