Menu suggestions

Suggestion #1

So I’m thinking that you should add a possibility to customize menu ( and I mean like change button colors or being able to change the entire menu color in case you get bored of the one color what they are currently using ).

Suggestion #2

Second thing must be “Search bar”. It will help out new users a lot and it will be very helpful in “v2” when it comes out .

Suggestion #3

For example in hitchange there is that
image thing. It would be much easier if you can add opinion where you can write that number you want. It’s more accurate and you can get that number you want much faster.

I personally think those things aren’t necessary but they will make using the menu little easier.

I’m not sure if it’s made or not (because I’m not in neverlose) BUT if it isn’t it would be very nice.

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Suggestion #1:

Yeah, i agree.

Suggestion #2:

I think that should be added on cfg/luas list.

Suggestion #3:

Its already on the cheat, you just need to click on top of the number.

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Totally agree with @iluckbr.

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I agree with everything except 2 because it looks less clean with one