Missing badges?

Not sure if this is a bug or where to say this so thought id make a post about it in off topic :slight_smile: -

certain badges arent showing up like :

first flag
50 likes in a day

i know for a fact i have completed both of these but havent actually received the badges for them ? any one else have this issue / do admins / mods know about this ? :slight_smile:

b1g badge farm xD

Lol , b1g badge collector :smiley:

Pretty sure its because it takes a little bit for it to update, I had done some badges and got given them only after few mins try to wait it out for abit.

oh no , i did first flag days ago & 50 likes in a day today so i dont reckon its time related due to the first flag being days ago now. im not sure though , admins will know .

Hmm weird indeed.

This is weird… @50450OV

is that for you ?

This is my current badges but missing 2 :frowning: