My First Day with superior cheat:

Today has been my first day with neverlose, its a so far amazing cheat. rarely miss shots strong anti aim etc. i will know list the pros and cons

  • PROS
    Good resolver
    accurate aimbot
    amazing double tap
    amazing hide shots
    double tap accuracy best ive ever seen
    strong anti aim that is untouchable when done right
    best visuals ive ever seen in my life, most customization ive ever seen for any cheat
    optimization is very nice aswell.
    loads more im just fried rn my brain isnt working.
  • CONS
    Lag when loading configs (sometimes)
    might be more i cant think of at this moment in time
    This cheat is by far the smoothest most user friendly cheat ive ever seen. looking something in the menu? its in the right place right where you think it might be. the resolver and aimbot accuracy is my fav part by far, knowing i can push things and be confident i will destroy my enemies so much work has been put into this project huge congrats to the devs and staff for making this project amazing! i’m proud of all your work.

thats literally it. this cheat is superior.

i will make another testimonial after a month has gone by. bigger with more thought of course.