MY game keeps Freezing

when I inject it starts to then when its done my game freezes and I cant do anything nor click on anything. Is there a fix to this?


Also happening to me.

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Enable net_graph 1 and check fps before/after injection
Possible solutions:

  1. delete all neverlose loaders & nevelose related items
  2. verify game files in csgo
  3. disable all antiviruses
  4. unload all luas and use a completely new config

If none of these work feel free to tag me for further help


@ensam i did all and continues to freeze

i think thats a lua issue, try deleting the latest luas you added from here - Unique software with a lot of visual functions


Elaborate on “freeze”, what exactly happens, & when?
Is it that it freezes for a few seconds and then goes back to normal? Or does it stay frozen?

This wouldn’t help if he’s using a fresh config as he said he was

If hes having the same problem as me, it will get past the loading circle for the initialization stage, and then it will literally freeze on a frame. No menu will pop up, and the game ceases all functionality prompting u to restart ur computer, as has happened to me almost 5 times now.

edit: I also tried everything mentioned above, including the deletion of all configs and luas to no avail.

I wasnt suggesting for you to delete your configs or luas just create a fresh, anyhow how long have you been waiting in this screen for?

I dont have the game open, but I tried waiting for about 10 minutes the last time I tried to inject and it was still frozen. Another user has posted about this recently (like an hour ago) and it seems to be a common issue.

Try reinstalling your drivers

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