My short Neverlose review ( fluxhvh )

Hello, this is my short review.



Rage 8/10

The resolver is one of the best I’ve played with so far. Against players with rage AA, it’s very good but i have to say against “legit AA” it’s not the best I sometimes miss “due to animation desync”. A big minus point is the legit check or logging because I miss legit players with no AA very often because the cheat is trying to resolve a desync that’s not even there. But overall the resolver in HvH is one of the best! ( I hope a legit-check will be implemented into the cheat in 2.0 :slight_smile: )

Visuals 10/10

The visuals in my opinion are the best thing about the cheat you can easly change and customize the ESP, Chams etc. You get previews of everything so that you can make your visuals in the main menu or everywhere you want. I will count the inventory changer in this too so that’s another point that is a + point for Neverlose. Overall it’s the best and it’s not too complicated to make.

Misc 8/10

Nothing to complain about this, there’s anything you need its good and simple. The Config/Lua system is one of the best that I’ve seen it works fine and its clean and nice.

Menu 9/10

The menu is nice it has animations pretty, clean and beautiful. The loader is nice and clean too it injects every time and if it doesn’t the second time will work 100%.

Community 10/10

Solid 10 to the community the people are nice and helpful. A lot of good people here.

Staff 0/10

Staff poo poo heads i no like! ( Just kidding the support is very fast and helpful 10/10. )