is the best cheat 2020

> Hello there, I have not got Never lose yet but I will be patient and wait. I have noticed a lot of things with the cheat and well it’s got the best Resolver out there, It has the best Logic because it hits the head, I don’t have the c_resolver.CPP nor will I ever see it / have it but from what I have seen it’s some mad math. I am pretty new at posting things on websites so :smiley: It also has the best skin BOT I have seen generally P100 on that. The aa is nice and configurable and I can’t wait to get this cheat so I can post configs and make some videos on the cheat, there is an idea I would like to test with the AA and well it’s pretty much for an "ANTI BRUTEFORCE un hittable head kinda thing. " It’s a specific fake desync what makes people dump because no cheat resolves it and I can’t wait to test it and release it to the community of Never Lose to use, wish me luck and I will be posting more on here as I would like to be apart of this community.

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imagine saying “best cheat” when u didint even use it

ye but hes 100% right

  • Sorry for hurting you, but I ain’t joking it’s the best cheat I have seen for CSGO.

sk00t on top anyway, the cheat is missing few more features far as i know but if looking from hvh (resolver) side gotta say it’s deffinetly better than ot or aw not sure about ev0

Yep, I sure can’t wait to get Never, I will wait patiently nor will I beg for it I finally found out that it’s pointless to beg haha.

You know shits good when people without the cheat consider it the best. This project could clearly go far.

and how do you know? lol

I don’t wanna be a dick or anything but who the fuck asked :D:D:D

You an’t gotta have a cheat to know it’s gonna be better than everything :wink: