Neverlose clientside shots exploit?英雄联盟 ?unbelievable??

still waiting for fix :yawning_face:


i hate when this happens so much

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Let them paste skeet nade warnings first

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same issue, but rarely.

disable fake ping ty


i have the same issue

its not by ping spike

bro what hows that supposed to fix that issue

How is that a cheat problem if you’re disabling exploits on peek (one of the most retarded ideas I saw)
Be sure you’re not using any dt luas/pingspike if you still want to teleport peek (still can unregister some shots because of server/real ping)

Im sorry you just lack experience in playing hvh and 1v1/2v2’s to understand why you should unload dt on peeking

My 1v1/2v2 experience is much bigger than anyone else in this thread/forum
Newfags can’t understand game mechanics and abusing teleport all the time they peek, so it makes them miss (because you’re loosing accuracy while doing it) or unregister shot
Stop trying to learn papa how to play this game

when your turn? :confused: