Neverlose crashes all day long

Cheat hasnt been fixed yet?

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not fixed

Hi all.-
the problem keeps happening for me too (error connecting server and after 2nd attempt the game closes). understand that only 15 hours have passed since the update and moderators can take up to 48 hours. I don’t know why everyone goes crazy when we all know that time will be rewarded (as usual)

You’re right, I just want to relax doing what I love xD

usually these are new users who have just paid for the software. They are afraid that they will lose days

we detected that you suffered from severe autism on your side
so we declined your connections to our servers sorry

I wanna atleast get 4-5+ days added to my subscription

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if they spend 4-5 days on a fix, they will add these days to you

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siema kto pl


Given that this is Neverlose, then if the fix lasts 2 days, then 3 days will be thrown

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they just fixed it its working right now


its not

it’s working or not?

No, it’s still crashing

yooo poland mountain !!!

still crashing

ofc it is, u need to wait for a mod to say it’s working :=)