Neverlose CSGO update 22.10

Hey guys! I updated neverlose for you i think!

Update 22.010.2021:

  • Fixed Ragebot not shooting chickens
  • Fixed Chicken Resolver
  • Fixed Resolver, no longer will shoot ghost
  • Fixed Chicken glow on death
  • Copied Meme Mode from LickyCharmes
  • Messaged Esoterik about joining the developer team (even though he’s black.)
  • Added Resolver for little people
  • Fixed Ragebot not shooting in official matchmaking
  • Added new VAC-Bypass
  • New UI (See below)


what the fuck is this?

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What is this supposed to be?

A joke?

It’s a blatant joke dude

autist post

what the hell

um, what the fuck?

brain issue

Hell yeah so hyped for that update I can finally shoot these little bastards.



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