Neverlose error lol

Neverlose doesn’t injects i’ve restarted csgo restarted whole steam but still doesn’t inject
any ideas how to fix that issue ?

i have the same problem now

Same problem

i think i’ts a server’s issue or sql issue

@krismon if you want you can add me on the discord Codix#2463


Right now, as you wrote that, Neverlose was updating something, so its normal.
If not, try to disable your anti-cheat and stuff
You can check the FAQ thing tho.

yea i had that idea in mind

me too new problem on neverlose

Should be good now, Neverlose was updating.


Mine injected after 5 minutes

Was having the same issue, they are probably updating something and the auth is down or smth.
Let’s just wait a few mins.