Neverlose review - Obama

Lets get right into it.
I will rate the different categories from 1-10

Ragebot 9 (since it could be improved a little, but is still amazing)
The ragebot is extremely accurate, especially for scout, I rarely miss anyone with scout so as long as you can config or have a good config you wont miss that much.
There’s tons of features in the ragebot tab, but I dont see any unnessecary features.
The antiaim is really nice, you can make some people dump (at least I did) I dont see anything missing with the antiaim (except manual aa, like bind left/right) and also the fakelag is really good.
Overall great ragebot.

Legitbot –
Not gonna get into that that much because I haven’t really used it so much, but I want to see legit aa implemented again.

ESP 7.5
Firstly I wanna say that you can make the esp look soooo nice and there’s tons of different stuff you can mess around with in the esp tab, I am kinda sad that the bubble chams and a bunch of different chams got removed and would also like to see them implemented again.
Now I do have some issues with dormancy hence the room for improvent from my point of view, but overall there’s nothing wrong with the esp itself.
Really nice ESP’s.

Inventory changer 10
Nothing missing except that you cant put skins on weapons they dont belong, kinda sad about that one, but the fact that its so amazing makes up for it.

Misc 10
Nothing missing, its just the usual stuff, I do want to note that I like how buybot is built into the cheat for a change.
Also the usual movement stuff, nothing wrong there, I like it.

Config tab 10
Wouldn’t think there was anything to rate here but I do really like the fact that you can just click a button and you will get someones config.
also really like the lua tab and the way thats implemented.

Not gonna comment on that since I haven’t really spoken with them, but in the discord they seem nice and im sure they’re all nice.
But they were extremely fast with tickets, so big + from me.

Community 10
People here are just friendly, you dont find that that many places in this community, its nice to see.

Overall thats a score of 9 if you do get so lucky of being accepted you wont regret getting a sub for this masterpiece.

Thanks for taking you time to read this and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

  • Obama

Esp 7.5 ? Really

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I would give the actual chams part a 9 but the fonts and how everything else works maybe a 4 or 5.

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As I said I like the actual ESP stuff in the cheat but dragged it down because I find the dormancy a bit weird and buggy, also the fact that they removed a bunch of different charms.
Doesn’t mean its bad tho, its just my personal opinion.

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