Neverlose review (very long lol)

I’ve used a lot of cheats, gamesense, primordial, fatality and more.

Neverlose is probably one of the best cheats out right now though but it could use some improvements that most cheats already fixed a long time ago or never even had the issue, below i have listed some issues:

Nades goes into floor with DT (super annoying, like no cheat has this issue CONSTANTLY).

Correction is just resolver miss and usually u can just baim but this cheat misses baim more than it misses head. But if you can improve it please do because if you could improve the resolver neverlose would be ahead of every other cheat right now.

Skin changer: the overall skin changer is good, i like how you can change name, add stickers etc but sometimes when i change config the game crashes as it has to remove the skins and add new ones. No idea how these skin changers work but i’d prefer if you made them not pop up in your inventory and like they’re just add-ons so for other people that are using other cheat will just see a regular skin and you will see the skin changer (so it won’t unequip your real skins)

But my review of ragebot has to be 7.5/10 as it’s very customizable without luas etc but if he could add force baim on lethal or something that would be great cause i can’t even count on how many times it has went for head and missed and i’ve gotten onshotted when they’re barley even 50hp.

Anti-aim: The AA without lua is okay, it’s mid but it works but not on a competitive level. But when you use a lua that you like people will miss you like never before (if you know how to make settings). As you can be very AA boosted with Neverlose.

The visuals are great, couldn’t really ask for more. I love how it’s VERY customizable and how you can choose where to put the flags, name, icon etc and the visuals are good.

The misc tab contains bhop etc, it has what every other cheat has in misc. It’s all the same, but my bhop gets fucked a lot when bhopping i don’t know if it’s my settings or just server though. But overall misc is 9/10 as it has everything you need.

Skin changer: 8.5/10, as i stated above it makes the cheat unstable and preferrably so it’s like gamesense and it’s just like you’ve painted your own skin.

Overall cheat: 9/10, could be improved but it’s very good :+1:

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Seems pretty accurate review but couple things i found about the cheat that it shoots better with pistols then any other guns and the cheat likes to shoot above the head and call it correction and shoot the edges of the hitboxes as misc could get improved like bhop every other cheat i used don’t have problems with bhop neverlose is just different everytime i use it it fucks up or just does some bullshit and nades throwing with dt is just horrible fucking experience but it can be fixed with luas and the cheats has its mood’s good mood when it goes insanely good and resolving everyone and being amazingly good and bad mood is when the cheat start doing bullshit shows i can hit him and doesn’t want to or resolver is just in a coma backtrack on this cheats is annoying and good it goes on standing person 27 ticks but on moving can’t do that you give it little backtrack and it starts shooting standing people for 20ish ticks but its neverlose as a public cheat currently is the best ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Yeah, the pistols are crazy compared to any other cheat, thing with gamesense and pistols is that is shoots like a ssg-08 and tries to go for head while neverlose just sprays body if u cant hit head, it’s crazy good.

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