Neverlose Thread Stats During App Wave

Since I can’t sleep I made this!
The announcement for new members was posted on July 24th (for me) and here are some funny things I noticed.
So the last post before the announcement was made was on my thread. The “Reached 100” thread where I showcased myself reaching 100 days. After that post exactly 88 posts were bumped infront of mine as for this post goes. Out of the 88 threads bumped infront of mine 43 NEW THREADS WERE POSTED DURING 2 DAYS OF TIME IN THE OFF TOPIC SECTION. Considering when apps weren’t a thing it stooped as low as 12 A WEEK this is absolutely NUTS. And this is just 1 day into the application wave. Out of the 88 threads bumped in front of mine, 14 of them were in Russian, 15 of them were wishing luck in apps/saying good things about Neverlose. The rest mostly consists of Q AND As and you can see the occasional media with Neverlose and some other cheat.

Thats the end of my Ted talk folks. postfarming
Stolen from @DrPepper06x
Let me know if I was inaccurate (forum changes every 3 minutes anyways)

Edit: Something I learned from doing this is, counting forum posts hurt your eyes.


epic meme


Ur gonna ignore my long ass paragraph though gg

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screenshot.21823 screenshot.21824 screenshot.21825 screenshot.21826

ah yes, entertainment



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