New Discord Suggestions for Staff

Since the previous discord was taken down (obviously reported by some salty user) I have some suggestions for the new one.

  1. Since we already have the ability to link our discords to the site, only allow those who have linked their discords to join. (If this is already the case, make it so only users of the cheat may join)
  2. Ban words such as “Cheat” or “hack” as discussion of those topics can be a reason for discord to ban the server.
  3. Have an alt account as the owner of the server, as that account will be taken down in the event the discord does get banned. Staff should also consider the use of alt accounts.

or make some random public discord and implement that and make a separate discord for premium cs go users.


:+1: THIS GOOD TEXT IDK WHY I WRITE THIS but i can help me

Thats very smart!!