🎴 NL CS2 | vektus HvH Config | Only 1.00 NLE! | Spread/NoSpread/Premier

I can no longer add discord I am full we can go to private please thank you alex_gmps

then message me: vektusog!!


… help pls

turn off safe mode and fix playstyle bro!!!

premier config got updated, enjoy!!!

new vid is out!!!

please do u have discord? i have some question about the config please

discord is in description of the config!!!

:flower_playing_cards: NL CS2 | vektus HvH Config (BETA/NIGHTLY USER) | Only 1.00 NLE! | Spread/NoSpread/Premier



hey can i buy your nighty config on discord with paypal ahmed_2500? :smiling_face:

buy on forums!!

New video is out!!!

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