Nl doesn't work on 2nd steam acc

Hi neverlose doesn’t work on my 2nd steam account you know how to fix it? on the first acc its normally working but on the 2nd when i inject my game got crashed

Its Not a neverlose Problem the cheat is Not bound to and Accounts try a pc restart or reinstalling neverlose

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thanks bro ill try to fix it

i cant inject too idk how to fix

Cs2 have an Update you Need to wait until neverlose Release a new Version

yeah but even yesterday when nl was working it doesn’t worked for me on the 2nd steam acc.

Make sure you close steam completely. Also sometimes I’ve noticed when already loaded and closing cs2 and closing a different account sometimes it will take a little longer or have more screw ups than normal. Safest-fastest route when you wanna switch accounts, reset your pc and when u inject pick ur 2nd account.

injection times vary. he just isnt waiting long enough lol