Now, lets wait for the sub to come

Now, lets wait for the sub to come.

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Public joiner issue


+1 .

i thought we get 30 day sub

Then wait a long time, I bought sub 3 hours and 30 minutes ago still haven’t gotten it

yeah and you cant even freeze it: funfact i had a few days left and now site refuses it :frowning:

Kai alter bei dir haben die Leute auch nur gebettelt damit die nixware User von dir einen Invite bekommen.
Lieber Public gejoint, nachdem ich hier 6+ Monaten einen Account habe als bei mates zu sucken um einen invite zu kriegen!!

what is wrong with u?

cheat is gonna end like onetap cauz of you


i get 30 day sub

you right kai


Mar 19, '20

you do

same here lol

waiting for 2 hour

1v1 dodger

Waiting 3 hours now xd


u mad?

all you public cheat users calm ya tits you freaky fuckers