Opinion in hek

the cheat is fun to use. i enjoy my time with it. sometimes the resolver isnt perfect and is missing a lot, but if i force head with 100% hitchance and auto min dmg it will destroy their head. not bad at all. it feels like a proper premium paid cheat. i indeed believe it could be better. all the keybinds are very confusing and a lot of features are difficult to set up since i believe the devs tried to make the cheat more minimal. i think the anti aim could be better. almost no one is missing me, it might be my issue my settings might not be great, i am not really a lua fan, i dont like using any luas, i didnt spend 20£ to go buy a lua, idd love to see some anti aim improvements. The legitbot is my favorite part. is really fun to use, i apreciate a good hvh cheat because i can do some fun mm hvh if some enemy is cheating. overall i think the cheat deserves a 7.5/10