Opinion on on public cheats?

what is ur opinion on public cheats?

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ot is best I think for public


? stupid question

every cheat is good and bad in their own way.

Not because a cheat is private means it’s good and vice versa.


^^^ agreed

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pretty good

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that is true


So ture


They’re good because they are able to get more feedback since they have a large userbase.

Yeah i agree ot is what i use now bcs i dont have too an invition i hope one day get one :smiley:

they are pretty decent not as good as private but they do the job with a good config and a good playstyle you can beat most of the private cheats

Just because a cheat is private doesn’t mean its automatically better than all public cheats.

All cheats are in their own way.

But I think public cheats are fine the way they are, people shit on OT/skeet (my experiences) the most but they shit on the resolver, yet if they don’t like the resolver, they can stop bitching and make their own cheat, but they keep buying the cheat over and over. Its kinda stupid, but who cares, their money.

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