Out for blood with Neverlose.cc šŸ˜ˆ


I atually spent some time on this, let me know what you think <3


Love the song choice and the feeds :smiley:

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good as always :heart_eyes:

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Alright u said tell me what u guys think ill give u my honest opinion, intro starts clean and smooth, those flashy flash white lookin is actually really cool, adding old gun sound is a good idea especially with the song, iā€™d really recommend u edit some of the clips and make them sync with the musics beat, overall 9/10. good video bud

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Thanks man, yeah I wanted to do a sync edit but it takes alot of time.

yea i agree as i edit some videos by myself

Nice media and all but hand me other those gun sounds pls:)))

add me on discord i can give u the files and insturctions(:slight_smile:

k bossman thanks

yup this is cool

Pretty cool, I like the hitsound.

that was really good actually nice job well made

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Agreed once again.

this was pleasing to watch

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nice media + edits i like it. sub and liked bro
keep up the work

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Nice edit! But white chams with blue skeletons is so weird

ns <3

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nice :smiley:

Epic media, liked the effect you had after a kill.