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I got fucked by a skeet user with only legit aa and legit bot, vs me who was spinbotting, people who says its iq or config issue, hell no i got 4 years of hvh experience, i never had issue with my cfg before i could even kill skeet, now especially after the new update only some of mine cfg is hitting p and the cheats just need to get an update no cap, and better resolver no cap i have a feeling like the admins dont give a fuck about this cheat anymore, they dont update they never read forums and never help.

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Ok 1st of all I have never lost to someone using legit aa while using neverlose lmao. The cheat is getting updated soon anyways and they definitely still care.

bruh they update the cheat like first only 14 days after the update in cs lmao and yes me too i have never lost but i lost vs skeet user holding one site, i was slow walking and spinning but its missed due to resolver, never ever have my cfg done that to legit aa, and the whole game i missed and missed, its started happening after the new csgo update

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stop defending facts look at how long it took them to update and keep the fact skeet is better can even kill nl that is spining and its facts

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“people who says its iq or config issue, hell no i got 4 years of hvh experience, i never had issue with my cfg before i could even kill skeet” clearly a iq issue

So your telling me a cheat that has been out x2 the time neverlose has been out is better? No shit, I understand missing to resolver as well because i’ve had that happen a good bit recently but losing to that is absolutely playstyle issue, also compared to a lot of cheats they update an average amount so I’m unsure why your complaining.

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playstyle issue

Yeah i can send so many prof just stop crying and defending the cheat get yourself your own meaning

Yeah Maybe but that doenst gonna stop the fact that its not better then skeet, its nothing to do about time, are we gonna talk about onetap? its about how good you are to make a cheat

You lost to legitbot. That’s you being shit and only 10% of that is the cheats fault.


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kfg, iq
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im not defending this cheat at all LOL? “i could even kill skeet” mans literally thinking that skeet is still unkillable XD?XD?

no i dont think that but skeet is still better at hvh, but when im spinning vs legitbot and legit aa skeet user with slowwalk my resolver shots after his fake aa and not real so yeah

I kill skeet as much as i kill nl users lol

this comment section give me brain damage
now the playstyle is the most important aspect in hvh get better
clearly iq issue

maybe cause i’m not originally speaking english dumbass? its hard to explain things when i’m danish, maybe just respect that and try to understand instead of being like an 12 year old child lmao

He isn’t shit talking your grammar

cfg issue