Review of NL after 2-3 months of use

Hi! This is intended to be a short review on the latest version of NL at the moment (3.2 / 2023.01.24)
I have used a lot of luas and configs, so i have pretty solid experience with the cheat. Lets get into it!

Ragebot 7.5 / 10
Prediction is garbage
Resolver is meh
DT very good
No FPS drops
overall: not bad, quite bipolar

Visuals 8.9 / 10
I love the visuals, they are very customizable. The chams look beautiful
Inventory changer is very good, overall very solid visuals

Misc 10 / 10
Everything you would need and more…

Scripts 9 / 10
Very good API, but i would suggest making resolver luas possible

Optimization 8.8 / 10
Never had more than 100 fps drops (by default i have 250 fps with cheat the least i got 100-150 full on raging in a hvh server with all visuals and 3+ scripts running

Menu 10 / 10
Looks beautiful, highly customizable, easy to manage even for new people

OVERALL CHEAT : 8.5 / 10
Resolver and predict need to be fixed, apart from that near-perfect


pretty much spot on, the cheat cannot predict shit


nice review


Thank you all for positive feedback. I hope this reaches nl admins

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I’d say this is the kind of reviews this community needs. Tough I do not really agree with the resolver part, it’s more than decent for me.I hit 85% of my shots even tough as you said, prediction needs some work done.

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resolver luas are absolutely possible.