[SALE] Unique Rage config by southscythe 🔥

Hi all. I would like to present you a completely different, more unique config for neverlose, which will open up new sensations when playing with this great cheat.
I hope you will like this configuration very much and leave a review on the market :heart:

by OG HvH player since end 2015.
If you have problems or something else, add me in discord: southscythe#3034

I will wait for your review!


  • Minor fix of all weapon sets.
  • Reworked aim logic due to minimum damage.
  • Reworked baim logic.
  • Reworked aimbot in air.

Known issues (at this moment):

  1. Rifles in air can miss well due to spread.

After 2 days, the configuration will cost 1 NLE!!! So hurry up to get it with -99% discount.


  • Improved revolver settings (in air including).
  • Improved aim rifles in air.

Minor fixes.

Today is a last day, when you can by the config with -99%. Hurry up!

Today, configuration will cost 1 NLE.
If someone need resell for Ukraine, PM me in Discord.
P.S. Update soon…