Sandboxie + neverlose

i want to know if i can inject neverlose and then open another game with sandboxie so i can run 2 games at once and carry my other account in premier

Pretty sure nl doesn’t let you inject in a sandboxed environment

so i tested it and it does work, and no, i didnt inject nl in a sandboxed environment but i injected it in normal cs and then i opened another cs2 instance with sandboxie, i played 4 games but then i got kicked by vac, if u do this play 2 premier matchs and then restart sandboxie and also verify the game files so u dont get kicked from the match

If you use avast sendbox instead of Sendboxie, you can play cs2 without vac error
Cheats can also be injected

When you try Cheat injection, all the steam will turns off

So i think it’s impossible to INJECT NL to multiple cs2

hmmm, i didnt knew about that, i will take a try on avast sandbox and see how it goes, thx for the info. btw i dont want to inject NL to more than one cs2 instance, so for me its fine. the intention is to play legit on my main and cheat on my alt accs, but anyways thanks

im loder vac bay pass