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Hello there Neverlose users, Today I bring you my CFG, This CFG is pretty good, Would recommend use the following weapons: Scout, Auto Snipers, AWP. I’ve made this into categories so if you would like to know how to use it properly I would highly advise you to read them. Big thanks to @Boydie For helping me with some stuff on this CFG, I would not be able to hit like it hits now without him. If you use this CFG and it works well for you don’t forget to drop a like on this topic. Without any more delays here it is.

Download V3


I am currently using a custom hit sound, If you would like to use it here is the download link.
Put it wherever you like. The config default will take it from D:/bell.wav So change it so it will work for you well.


The current visuals I am using on the config are pretty simple, Each situation fits a color allowing the user to know exactly what he is going against. Not much to say due to it being only visuals, So this section will only screenshot.

Self Visuals

So due to me using only fake chams, this will be how the player will begin the round due to the fact there is no AA, Afterwards, he will appear like this.

Enemy Visuals






V = Third Person :crown:
Mouse 3 = Auto Peek :crown:
Mouse 4 = Double Tap :crown:
F = Inverter :crown:
C = Fake Duck :crown:

Skin Changer

Extra Info

This is a passive-aggressive config, Always pick with your fake on the other side.
Always Auto Peek while using AWP/Scout.
Always use DT on Auto Sniper.
Always invert and uninvert your AA in a start of a round.
Good Luck and enjoy yourself.


I can see a lot of work went into writing this, im here to say… you’re welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks :hearts:

Was it your intention to write Auto Pick :sweat_smile:

oh god I am a dumbass lemme fix it

updated links

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Friend, you have a good config!
Good luck

lmao xD I am currently waiting to release a new version soon thanks for the video though :slight_smile:

the config is alright, but idk if its just me but literally OTC can resolve that aa tho :confused:

P awp, P scout, P auto <3 the best cfg

sezu :slight_smile: im sure your cfg is amazing !

outdated lol

might release it again soon though not atm.

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best config in the whole forum

nein outdated