Should I buy NL now or should I wait for an update?

I have used the cheat like 4 months ago and it was kinda random. Has anything changed? Should I wait for an update?

no update since over 6 months, outdated af, dont buy

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just buy if u wanna play hvh

no cheats have updated they are all the same outdated low quality shit now prim is only cheat that had gotten a update in the last 5 months and still its not even that good

bro. fata and prim on top. literally god tier cheats and not bugged for months with hidden ragebot logic bugs that literally prevents the ragebot from functioning at all.
also, the dt in prim is soo good it has a hidden “gamble” feature.
only 50% of your dt shots will register on server which makes it way more fun to play.
with my gamble addiction and -100k in debt it’s a good alternative.