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Hello so i bought this cheat yesterday and i already wanna tell something about it, i know its kinda early to make one, but i have some questions regarding the cheat, to start with the cheat looks good and has a good menu with many features, its kinda hard to look through them all, u need to spend a bit time with it before u get used to it, there is some downsides with the cheat that i want to clear and want to get an answer on, the thing that makes it bad is that, i only had ESP, wallhack on, and a bit legitaim, and for like 1 hour i already got vac banned, the cheat is so detected af, like what am i supposed to do? people say “oh its ur config” but before u say that, i want to tell u guys that i didnt have raqebot enabled or anything, only ESP, and a bit legitbot, and i made new accounts and it gets banned so quickly, so whats the point if u get vac banned immedeaitly? and do anyone have a tip or something to change my config to maybe so i dont get banned?

the thing i also want to say is that, the raqebot is ok, i even bought a config on here for like 7-8 dollars, and i played on hvh, but i dont even think its the best tbh, i get killed and i am not near the first on the statistics, so i want to hear some feedback on how i can make it more legit when i play matchmaking so i dont get vac banned every time, cause that shit is so annoying af,

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NL has been flagged and NL is only good for hvh games:)

Been using neverlose for 2 months on MM and none of my accounts get banned unless I use untrusted features eg. antiaim

Go into “Main” tab, turn on “Anti Untrusted”. Go into “Anti Aim” tab, turn off literally everything. Don’t use high fov (30+) with aimbot. Don’t use “Double Tap” or “Hide Shots” with ragebot.

Check this post for more info: