Source code thingy leaked

Yo I’ve heard that the csgo and tf2 source code got leaked

So guys I want to ask what you think about that?

Btw lol if u didn’t know don’t start csgo or tf2 just don’t play it lol

Edit: sorry I mean on public valve servers
I think

Obviously can people put maleware on you I guess lol


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зачем нам ваш ебучий сурс кс го

thats kinda funny ngl

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it is xD

Rip HvH… soon all cheats will be the same and its not fun anymore.

U don’t make a resolver using a leaked source you have to reverse engineer it, which is why i don’t think that there’ll be too many better cheats anytime soon.

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feelsbadman for tf2

but its easier now :slight_smile:

not again for god sake CS and TF2 is safe stop falling for fake news for god sake

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