So basically im an invited user since 2020, stopped playing a year ago and got a new PC keep in mind i still live at the same place and everything so just the pc is changed! i gave them my current specifications and my old ones and they DENIED ME? they didnt even say why? the cheat is public so i dont really understand why they do this lol, anyone got an idea?

u need to take a picture of or old and new pc with a pice of paper with ur name on it and in the background ur new and old pc with some spec software open idk cpu z or something like that

You cant put pictures in HWID reset tickets bro.

And if so what is the point? the cheat is public and not private anymore so why would i do some shady stuff? i have the same IP adress they CAN check it because i literally try to inject my cheat into my PC so i dont really know the issue, i just got a new pc thats all, i provided them with my new and old speccs should be enough for a hwid reset, if i havent changed adress and so on

upload it on umgur and give link to ticket

upload it to a host and link it?

I already solved it thanks! lets hope they wont deny me this time :smiley:

idk whats going on but happened to me and i never had gotten a hwid reset denied before, had to open a ticket and talk to them from there.

Will do that! thank u very much!