Thank you so much!

Thank you to the staff team for taking the time to read my application and approving me! I’m very grateful! <3



Thank you!

Holy sh–! Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Thank you, to you too!


Thank you, sir

nice bro, hope youre gonna enjoy your time with neverlose <3

I sure will! Thank you!

Good. Sadly that i cant play with neverlose even if gonna get accepted only because of COVID-19 and i cannot go outside of my house so i cant deposit my money. :frowning:

Grats mate

congrats friend

Yea, this COVID-19 thing sucks. I hope you get accepted tho, because you can just buy the cheat after this virus decides to stop spreading ;D

Thank you, man!

Thanks homie! <3

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congrats, m8!

stop dicksucking each other disgusting :wink:


hahha lmao true

Thank you!

i see u on every post lul

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