The application!

Hello! I don’t know how to get an invite! But I will try to leave a request as in Ev0lve!
I’ve been playing on hvh for about 3 years, with a legit of about 5! There are 2 channels on YouTube. I shoot reviews on different cheats, on the second hvh media (so far only 2 and only with onetap v3) I would like to open the third channel in the future where I will record just legit rinks! I will record on the Prime, for this we need a good legit cheat! Judging by the reviews on YouTube, this cheat is what you need!

Thank you for reading this!

This is not ev0lve :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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ну мало ли. Я просто не знаю как это делается тут.

Обычно, никак

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