The New "RCE exploit"

Right, I am getting sick of people spamming about this.
The source leak was 2018 source and its really outdated looking at the fact that Valve patched most exploits on CS.

The fact is that there already was an RCE exploit on CS that was PATCHED. Another thing is that most exploits are still working on TF2 after being fixed in CS GO for years. I would not advice playing TF2 in the time being but CS GO is most likely safe, Play at your own risks, and please stop spamming about this, I know I personally will keep playing.


Finally someone that talks normally about it.

its really not that big a deal, only if you play tf2

its really not but I get like 20 tags about this… this Is just absurd how the community listen to fake news and don’t fact check stuff

15 minutes later

Bruh my dick got cheated away

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finally someone with a brain between their ears, good lad!

why u bully me :disappointed_relieved:

for those that still wonder about it or don’t play cs cuz of it here we go e I will close this topic now.

no you won’t.

I legit can’t.


if you say so

I think that exploit also works in Garry’s mod