They Care?

So I’d like to start by saying I’ve heard so many good things about neverlose, and its so nice to see that a dev/community actually put effort into making their software the best. So many other people say they have the best this and best that, but I mean you guys are putting in the work. Its so refreshing seeing a dev actually update and put effort in, instead of waiting 6 months for a slight resolver improvement. I may not be in the community yet, but I still thank you for being a refreshing change to this everlasting community. I’d love to hear what others think of this as well.


What, what’s the point of this? I mean yeah the update was great but what lol

its not even all about the update it was a thanks to the devs for actually putting effort in and actually trying to make something great

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Yea, as of right now, the neverlose staff and community is great. Most other providers are lacking right now, not updating their cheat. Also, the people seem like they are closer together, and not toxic at all.

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neverlose is being a great software at the moment, it is showing the community its efforts in the face of cheat, and the neverlose community is one of the few that are not toxic.

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Damn, really dropped a tear while reading this. Cool shit.

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I’ve had neverlose for a long time now I never bought a sub in a few months but yes they do a lot of work for there cheat.

yeah whats the point of this literally, i have neverlose but i cant use it because i need hwid reset and they dont believe me even thought i gave them all proof i dont really understand what is wrong with it if i get new ssd to my pc and new processor cooler because old one broke up… i hope they understand me next time when im gonna try make new hwid reset maybe il try next time kn couple of months when i get money to buy sub again…

otherwice neverlose is really great and usually staff are nice but only when you are trying to get hwid reset they starts deniyng you and calling liar and other shit and i didint even know what was going on… but the time i had with this cheat was awesome it was literally best time ever i loved this cheat and everything about it. it was so powerful and fun. maybe some beatiful day il get it back :slight_smile: :smiley:

thats literally why i wanna have it lmfao!
staff team p, softwware updated all perfect rn

did i ask

simping for nerverlose :wink:

I love the neverlose staff team and community. Staffs are so sympathic and cool in community there is not much have toxic peoples. No needed talk about the cehat its P E R F E C T