Unofficial reseller + scammer

I didn’t find a official paypal reseller so i searched an unofficial one. I send him the money + screen shot of transactuon and hes now offline and don’t reply. His forum link: Profile - tox1ck - - Forum
He created a new account of discord and told me he lost her phone i asked for a balance proof he did it, he gaved it to me and i saw its his forum.
Now he tells me that he wasn’t who he said :rofl:
I’m asking from mods the ip address and personal informations becouse i’ll go to the police station.


xD xD xD

write a ticket with evidence

dc in profileimage

scammer dc image

real dcimage

conclusion: use your eyes


He gaved me a photo of forum and he said some things that he said on the original account. Btw no one knew that i was going to buy from him and and i got randomly a friend request

One more info. I’m $ currency on paypal when i sent the money they was sent as rub (tox1c is russian).,

nobody will give you that lmfao.

Okay if it won’t be banned for scamming i think he need to be for reselling lol


ur playin too much :DDDDDD

Open a ticket for that.

steeve is an official reseller and he does resell paypal, just chargeback your payment to the discord man and go thru steeve instead.

The person who scammed you disguised by my friend, he has never lost the phone, you better check everything before you do any payments.


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