Untrusted ban

Ayo, can someone explain why i keep getting untrusted ban whilst im not using fake angles?)))))))))))))
pls help men )

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you using dt or some other exploits?

cheating in mm at the first place

i asked if u use exploits

bruh how high that wasnt even me :smiley: no i dont use exploits

and why are u replying if u arent even helping :smiley: bruh

where did you play?

just mm normally, my friends dont get untrusted bans and we all have exploits disabled and fakeangles, im clueless legit

strange, I’ve been playing mm with exploits and roll anti aims for a long time and there is no ban

i know right :smiley: im not new to cheating except with the newest of new but im still clueless af

Anti Untrusted on? What antiaims you use? Do you use luas? Use silent aim, high fov (>30)?

i have max fov, silent aim on

high fov is kinda detected

yeah but my friends use it too, i dont use high fov in any legit cfg only in hvh cfg XD

Prime or Non Prime?

is anti untrusted on?

go buy normal semi rage cfg or account with high trust factor